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Phone: 2 14 78 87; 2 14 76 63

Professional Orientation:

Proporientatsiisa and career planning office for a consultation and interview aplikanteb and students (including not only vocational colleges, but also in schools, as well as the population as well).

We inform them of our college's academic programs and career development opportunities presenting descriptions of professions, vatsodebt information on vocational college training programs for compliance with the requirements of the local labor market.

Vatrebt individual consultations, which involve opportunities and freedoms of the individual , social - demographic data from the database to collect information on the labor market needs to learn, a person with professional training program selection . Take pictures of their individual needs and interests of the job seekers, job training hypertext links . We consult on issues related to starting a business , those who do not. Many of our graduates are employed in professional recommendation targets.

Establish regular contact with the employers , and we mimdinre job search and provide this information to potential students and alumni. Vuketebt organize students' academic and industry practice , we monitor students' and graduates' employment . Alumni groups have created an interesting precedent in employment ( the new base ) .

College " future " proporientatsiisa and Career Services has information on all the novelty and possibilities for its implementation , which creates the impression of a full range of interested persons professional choice . College students have the opportunity to obtain initial stage of multilateral consultations . Propkonsultatsia helps youth and adults between market analysis and optimal decision- making. This analysis assumes a special meaning with the students and helping them learn periodshve maze of market movements .

College " future " students have a well-organized training - industrial practices on the sites such as service centers ; Ltd. " Mate Motors" , large - rooms , " American Institutes for Research , " G - T Motors "," builder ". Itself . G" corporation " Textile industry " , bamboo company" amma "and furniture Company" ash . " Restaurants " White House "," mill " Phaeton ", " karavela ", " Space ", " USHBA ", " Leuville ", " Kebab House" "Cruise " and other ... Beauty salons , " the" next century " , JSC " Bagrationi 1882 "," Maudi textile enterprise , " material " , the " first garment " and other ...

College "future" 10-15% of students are still receiving offers of employment practices in the region. In this regard, it is notable companies, such as service centers' Astra rooms "," Great - diromi "," G - T Motors ", the" Matthew Motors, "corporation" light industry ", karavela", "Phaeton and others ...

College "moving in" short-term training programs are implemented, such as the USAID-funded projects, whose graduates are successfully employed in various garment factory.

College of national standards and built a new building, where there are all the conditions in order to prepare qualified personnel to fill the labor market is highly contingent . Career and professional orientation for applicants , students and graduates the opportunity to become familiar with the pro- poses - orientatsiul materials , resources and enjoy Internet access service.