History of the College

In 2012, as a result of the reorganization of 4 vocational colleges in Tbilisi, LEPL vocational college “Mermisi” was founded. During the 10 years of its existence, the college achieved significant success and took a dignified place in the system of vocational education of Georgia. The college implements 23 vocational education programs. During the year about 1600 students/trainees study in the college. Enrollment in all professions is done on a competitive basis. After completing the studies, qualification confirming diploma is issued. The college also implements vocational training/retraining programs, where the trainees have an opportunity to study desirable profession in a short time. In 2015, ETF named inclusive vocational education as the best, innovative and one of the first successful initiatives in the Caucasus region, on the example of college “Mermisi”. In 2017, the college was highly esteemed by Estonian experts. They named "Mermisi" as an exemplary college and recognized its strong management.